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Commercial Pilot

FROM $15,487CAD

The Commercial Pilot's License is your gateway to a professional career in aviation. With a Commercial Pilot's Certificate, you will be free to earn money as a pilot as well as undertake further training to add to your qualifications.

You'll be able to pursue the job in aviation that you've always dreamed possible. Whether it's working for the airlines, a charter company and a flying school or in agriculture, a Commercial Pilot's Certificate will be essential.


  • Ground School Theory                     90         hrs

  • Preparatory Ground Instruction       05         hrs

  • Briefing/Debriefing                           05         hrs

  • Dual Flight Instruction (C-172)          35         hrs

  • Solo Flight Training (C-172)              30         hrs

  • Flight test plane rent                        01.5       hrs

  • Examiner fee                                    01          time

Note: To be eligible to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence, a minimum of 200 total hours including 100 total pilot in command hours are required.

6-8  months

Single Engine

18 years old minimum

Able to obtain Category 1 Medical Certificate

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