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International Students

To be eligible to participate in one of our programs, the candidate needs to obtain a student visa. This process is fully controlled by the Canadian Immigration entity. The academy has no say in this decision.


For you to be able to apply to a student visa, you have to be accepted by a Canadian Learning Institution. Not all schools belong to this category.


The acceptance will be granted via a Letter of Acceptance from CFI Flight Academy.


CFI Flight Academy will grant a letter of acceptance after the candidate has:


  • Passed a video conference interview with a designated representative of the academy who will try to determine if the candidate qualifies for one of our vacancies.

  • Pay the registration fee of $500 CAD. In the case of a visa being denied and the candidate can show proof of it, 75% of the fee will be refunded.

  • During your application for the Student Visa, the academy will offer assistance  to facilitate your process. The academy assessor is not responsible for the outcome of the application.