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Located at Claresholm Alberta. Our main base offers the best facilities for flight training.

Claresholm Industrial Airport falls under an uncontrolled airport. That means, you do not have to wait on the ground for authorizations or complicated instructions at the beginning of your training. You are 5 min away from the training area, you do not need to fly for 20 min to start training. We are the only operator at the airport, there is no other regular traffic than ours around.

Claresholm is located in the middle of two important airspaces, Calgary and Lethbridge. We are surrounded by several airports with IFR approaches that allow us to explore them at short distances increasing your experience. Training at Claresholm offers you an efficient environment for training. This is a key point in our training program.


At Claresholm there are several places you can stay. Some of them have special deals for our students. ( Per day or per month ). You can always find residents willing to rent you a room for a more affordable price.

The town of Claresholm offers you all the services you need. Stores, restaurants and is just 50 min to South Calgary and 60 min to Lethbridge if you are looking for something more specific. 


Moving into Claresholm to achieve your Pilot Training is a smart decision. You will dedicate more time to study and flying than driving. Another big benefit of staying at Claresholm is that you are always 5 minutes away from starting training in a last minute call. Weather changes so quickly in Alberta that if you are ready to start you can get a lot done in less time.


Come visit us and enjoy the freedom of Claresholm Airspace.

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