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Aircraft Maintenance

Our Program

Our training program is one of the most organized, challenging and rewarding training you will find. 

It includes in house ground courses, graphical training and flight training.

Every part of the training is standardized to the point that even if you decide to change your base temporarily or permanently your training will not change.

The same applies if you change instructors. Every instructor follows the same program so regardless who you fly with your progress will not be affected.

Successful PPL students will be eligible to continue their training through our CPL program. Please contact us for more information. Sadly we do not accept students into the CPL program that haven't been part of our PPL program.

Each group has a maximum capacity of 10 students at the time.

If you are looking to complete your multi engine training only ( initial or IFR ) we can help you with that regardless where you did your initial training.  All multi engine training it’s done at our main base in Claresholm. The training is relatively quick. Avoid long waiting lists, just take a quick drive to Claresholm and make it happen. Some conditions apply.

Private Pilot License ( PPL )

  • ​Starting dates :Okotoks February and September. Claresholm March and October.

  • High school completed

  • 17 years old minimum

Commercial Pilot License ( CPL )

This option is only available for our PPL graduates. Contact us for more information.

Multi Engine training

Multi Engine Rating:

Starts at $5,500 CAD plus GST


  • Minimum total flight time 120 hrs

  • 25 hrs PIC


IFR Category 1 Rating:

 Starts at $15,000 CAD plus GST


  • INRAT passed

  • Instrument time 20 hrs

  • Total flight time 120 hrs minimum

  • Multi Engine Rating completed

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