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Okotoks is a really good option for all those who find it hard to move to a different area for studying.

The strategic location of the Okotoks Air Ranch airport offers a super convenient training facility close to home. 

It's no more than 25 minutes from Calgary Downtown, making it a short commute from home.


Okotoks Air Ranch enjoys the same benefits that we already enjoy at our main base. It’s under an uncontrolled airspace, you do not have to wait on the ground for authorizations or complicated instructions at the beginning of your training. You are 5 min away from the training area, you do not need to fly for 20 min to start training.


This is a private airport so traffic at the airport needs to be authorized before coming in. This restricts casual traffic to come in crowding the pattern giving us the priority.


Okotoks is 5 minutes away from the control Airspace of Calgary. We do not need to travel far to experience more complex radio communications when you are ready.


We are surrounded by several airports with IFR approaches that allow us to explore them at short distances increasing your experience. Training at Okotoks offers you an efficient environment for training. This is a key point in our training program.


Come a visit us and discover the wonderful world of aviation.

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